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Sizzling Hot

Sizzling Hot is another model of the Novomatik company, which has been on the slot machine market for many years. The storyline is not revealed, but many Pinup casino users love it for more than that. Fruit theme. A high percentage of return is promised, and this despite the fact that the slot machine is not the first year.

🧾 Main characteristics

Design is minimalistic. There are no flashy pictures on Sizzling Hot. Of the symbols, there are only fruits and the famous seven. The graphics of the slot machine are quite simple. It is difficult to single out the musical range, most likely there is just a standard set of sounds on Sizzling Hot. The color scheme is mainly represented by dark shades, but at the same time all the elements look quite colorful and saturated. There is practically no animation, there are simply small special effects on the slot machine that are triggered when the gamer managed to grab a successful combination.

Sizzling Hot is represented by 5 reels and 9 game lines.

The control system of the slot machine has a small number of function keys, so there will be no problems with its setup. There are two start modes: normal - start and automatic - autoplay. It is also worth specifying the desired size of the bet - bet one. The number of game lines is regulated using lines. For gamblers, there is a maximum bet option - max bet, so that you don't have to press the buttons ten times each time. Paytable - all rules and Sizzling Hot odds, where you can learn all the details of the gameplay.

☝ The risk of playing Sizzling Hot

Risk-game is typical, as for similar slot machines of this manufacturer. The player will need to correctly name the color of the card so that his winnings are doubled. There is also the prospect of losing everything if even one mistake is made. The winner will be the one to whom success will smile and who has a good intuition.

Of all the special symbols, there is only a star, and it does not trigger the bonus round and is not a wild. But considerable bonuses will be accrued for her combinations, so you should not immediately write her off. There is also a favorite seven, which gives simply crazy coefficients.

💎 Play Sizzling Hot for free

Play for money

💥 Conclusions

Sizzling Hot is a great opportunity to have an evening of memories and go back to the time when it all began. The game of the slot will be very inconspicuous, and the good design will please the eye, so it is worth allocating at least one evening to get to know this model.